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Corratec About Us

The Best of German Design and Technology has been known for years in Europe. Now, we are bringing our award-winning design and technology to the U.S. market. That's right, "The Best of German Design and Technology".  

This is the pure definition and true reflection of Corratec. As a company, as a brand, as a racing team, as a bike manufacturer, and as a partner in retail.

Passion of Cycling – Since 1990 this is our fixed philosophy. This is the basis of our principles that characterize our work, our bikes, and our actions. To ride and feel the Corratec technologies are unique. Only those who have experienced Corratec will understand the feeling that of which cannot be truly expressed in pictures or words, but only through the feeling – The freedom, life, and passion.

Since 1990, the aspiration to create the perfect bicycle is our greatest motivation. Every day we strive to progress closer to this ambition. In this successive season, we will make our mark that highlights our divergence from the mass-produced bicycles with our sole focus on quality over and above all. The new Shadow Edge Tube Technology, the world’s strongest and securest corratec E-Bike frame (Fusion Tube Edge Technology), Integrated Engine Bottom Bracket, Inside Link, C-Light and more. Upon these innovations lie our foundations that focus to compete only within the special bicycles market. A sportive and high-quality bike in this new era can no longer be compared with bikes of the past. Today they are small technical marvels powered by human force or electronic engines. All who ride a corratec bike will truly feel the difference.

Our Mission & Vision: "Corratec was founded with Passion of Cycling. To offer unique and technically innovative bicycles, fulfilling the highest quality standards while pursuing solely stationary bicycle shops in our sales channel to be the leading brand in the premium bicycle segment.”  

Konrad Irlbacher

Founder and CEO

Cielo Irlbacher