* ENVO is the first Canadian Company to be awarded UL 2849 Certification.

* One of the few UL 2849 Certified EBike and UL 2271 Certified Battery now in the US Market.



Memories are made on two wheels. Bikes give kids the chance to get outside, have fun, and find freedom.


Electra Cruiser embodies the simplicity of the beach cruiser with enough additional gears to tackle some hills.


Montague bikes use full-size wheels, standard components, and a folding design that doesn’t break any of the frame’s tubing

Pacific Cycles

Unique and the only true folding bike in the market. It brings you all the flexibility, comfort and style that Birdy bikes have became famous for.


Successful completion of UL 2849 and UL 2271 certifications reinforces Blaupunkt's position at the forefront of the electric bicycle sector in the U.S. and their commitment to uphold the values that have made the brand a household name for over a century.


Experience the joy of effortless riding with the ENVO EBikes. Perfect for daily commutes and cargo Transport


It´s time for a revolution. The unique bow design impresses with a high degree of torsional rigidity for maximum control.


The 29” Big Flyer is the king of the bike life scene. On any ride that you attend, you are sure to see tons of Big Flyers raising it up on the city streets.


  • Discover the power and versatility of the D50/ST50-The SUV of EBikes.
  • This ultimate powerhouse ebike is perfect for both commuting and hauling cargo.
  • Its rugged and sturdy frame ensures it can handle any terrain, whether it's a smooth city street or a bumpy off-road trail.
  • Experience a smooth and effortless ride thanks to its powerful 750W electric motor.
  • Make your daily commute a breeze and with its spacious cargo rack, you can easily transport your belongings or run errands with ease.


  • Sitdown, semi-enclosed e-trike developed to be the ultimate e-vehicle for daily commuting and general utility.
  • Features a unique design with two wheels in front and one in the rear, which adds stability over the traditional three-wheeled bike design.
  • To protect riders from the elements, it includes a full front windshield and a hard plastic roof which curve around the rider cockpit slightly for added weather protection.
  • An open rear window and side door openings help keep weight and cost down while allowing for quick entry/exit and full ventilation.