Electra Collections


  • Where will you Go!
  • Go to work. Go to the beach. Go to the store. Go further.
  • Go somewhere you’ve never been before.
  • Wherever it is, Electra’s Bosch-powered Go! e-bikes make it easier, faster and way more fun to get there.
  • You can ride like the wind without breaking a sweat.
  • They’re simple, intuitive, capable and comfortable.
  • We’d venture to guess you’ll be spending a lot more time on two wheels from now on.
  • All you have to do is get on and Go!

There are four different e-bikes to choose from. All are a blast to ride, but each has unique features that will help you decide which one is right for you. Or you could just go with the one you think looks best, which is cool, because every model showcases our attention to detail and unique style. Ready? Let’s Go!

  • The revolution started here.
  • Townie® was born from an idea that challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a completely different riding experience.
  • Electra introduced the Townie with patented Flat Foot Technology® to the world and it was love at first sight.
  • That love has made it the best-selling bike in the U.S.
  • With an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and allows you to plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want, Townie sets a new standard in comfort and control.


The Townie Collection offers something for everyone. Choose from an Original or Original EQ equipped with lights and fenders for the perfect run-around-town bike. Or, for a slightly more aggressive ride, the Townie Path includes larger 27.5” tires to help you roll faster and tackle terrain with better traction and control. To go the distance, the Townie Commute features 700c tires and heavy-duty racks to get you there in comfort and style. Once you’ve decided on which Townie is right for you, check out Electra accessories for more ways to customize your ride and make it your own.


  • It’s your city. Ride like it.
  • Loft™ is a lightweight commuter bike inspired by those who live, breathe and ride in cities all around the world.
  • Designed with functional minimalism in mind, the clean lines and straight bars give it a nice, unaffected look.

The Loft is built to handle the rigors of the streets. Potholes, cabs, police tape, 4th floor walk-ups. Whatever. 700c wheels and an upright riding position provide optimum speed, comfort and control. Available in a low maintenance 3i and a versatile 7-speed, you’ll find one that’s right up your alley. So to speak.

  • Individuality comes standard. 
  • This is the bike that started it all.
  • We launched the company on the idea that we could improve an American classic.
  • So we opened up the frame geometry, moved the pedals forward, relaxed the seat angle and gave the entire body some breathing room.
  • The result was a less clunky, more ergonomic ride that features our patented Flat Foot Technology®.
  • And then we dialed it in with our signature Electra style and attention to detail.
  • These are the bikes that truly let you express your style and personality.

Choose from a completely designed Fashion or Attitude Cruiser, or one of the great colors of the classic Cruiser, Cruiser Lux or Lux Fat Tire bike. Once you’ve decided on your bike, check out Electra apparel and accessories for more ways to customize your ride.

  • Instant bike rack cred.
  • Remember riding to your friend’s house or the store?
  • Or just taking off for nowhere in particular?
  • It was simple and fun. Remember fun? We do.
  • And we’re making sure your kids do, too, with our new line of Sprockets kids bikes.
  • Designed with style and fun in mind, they’ll keep up with the little ones all day long.
  • What sets Electra apart from the pack is the patented Flat Foot Technology® available on most models ensuring proper leg extension and no tippy-toe stops so kids can focus on the enjoyment of the ride.
  • Our specially designed kid-sized saddles, handlebars and grips help guarantee perfect fit and our unique frame design offers the adjustability to accommodate major growth spurts.
  • While the little ones will definitely like the cool designs, parents will appreciate the level of quality found in adult-sized bikes.


Choose between the 16" (with removable training wheels) and 20" models, and get ready to ride like the wind.