Electra Townie

  • The Townie Collection offers something for everyone.
  • Choose from an Original or Original EQ equipped with lights and fenders for the perfect run-around-town bike.
  • Or, for a slightly more aggressive ride, the Townie Path includes larger 27.5” tires to help you roll faster and tackle terrain with better traction and control.
  • To go the distance, the Townie Commute features 700c tires and heavy-duty racks to get you there in comfort and style.
  • Once you’ve decided on which Townie is right for you, check out Electra accessories for more ways to customize your ride and make it your own.




  • That feeling of amazement?
  • We actually patented it.
  • The Townie® Original sets the standard in comfort and control.
  • It’s no wonder this is the best-selling bike in the U.S.
  • Explore to choose yours. 



TOWNIE PATH (Townie Path 9D/ 9D EQ, 27D)

  • Townie® Path features 27.5" tires and is perfect for riders who want to get out, explore and perhaps ride a little harder.


TOWNIE COMMUTE (Townie Commute 8D)

  • The Townie® Commute offers the comfort and control of the best-selling Townie with standard upgrades that will allow you to go the distance in comfort and style.