The Bicycle Store

The Bicycle Store has been a fixture of Northern New Jersey’s small business community since 1965. We are very proud of our new name, our new look and our new home here in Florham Park. While the ownership has changed through the years and the physical appearance of the store has kept up with the times, one thing has never been forgotten: that we are a bike shop of the people.


We cater to the young, the old, the athletic, the arthritic, the newbies and the pros. With us, first and foremost, you are treated equally. Your skill level or experience doesn’t matter at all. We’ve got a bicycle for almost every one of you out there, and we love them all.

Bicycles are what gave each of us our first taste of freedom and we want to share that experience with everyone. We understand bikes and we promise to listen to your needs.  

We could go on and on ad nausea about why our brand is the best or we could even boast about all the honors we’ve been awarded throughout the years, but what matters most is the satisfaction of each and every one of our clients. Nothing is more pleasing to us than crafting a personal and fun-filled adventure for our customers. Come take a spin with us, we’re pretty confident you’ll like it.The Bicycle Store